Seeing clearly with contacts

ne of the issues for kids growing up is having to deal with the taunts and stress of being teased for having to wear glasses. This sort of teasing can really interfere with a child’s development and their performance at school. Children will generally do what they can to avoid having to wear glasses because they are worried that they will get teased or laughed at and kids at that age try to avoid as much attention as possible.

One of the ways around the issue is by allowing children to wear contacts lens. A lot of responsibility comes with wearing contact lens however it may be a last resort should your child continue to not wear glasses.

Contact lens give the child the extra benefit of being able to play sports and other physical activities without worrying about glasses.

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Many opposed to the Adam internet sale

Vodafone, Macquarie and iiNet have all protested against the sale of Adam internet to Telstra and have declared that such an acquisition will reduce competition in the telecom industry. Adam is the very last ISP in South Australia that is independent.

The companies released a join statement to the press today in which they condemned the ACCC and went on to say that if the ACCC could not see that the deal would substantially reduce competition then there was obviously something very wrong with the current laws.

Furthermore, the companies believe that if Telstra acquire Adam Internet then this would severely reduce competition in two markets. The first market would be the retail market for broadband services in which Adam is well known for. The second is the wholesale market for transmission or backhaul services.

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How to pick the right contacts

Contact lens have changed dramatically in technology over the last few years so it’s important to make sure you pick the right contacts for your eyes.

Contact lens can be worn mainly to improve your vision, but it can also be worn to change the shade of your eyes and other cosmetic things.

Lens that are worn for purely cosmetic reasons also require a prescription because not every contact lens is suited to everyone’s eyes. You need a contact lens that is specific to your eye shape.

When choosing contact lens, it is important to select the right material for your eyes. There are ones that are made hard plastic which are permeable so allow oxygen through.

Soft contact lens are made from a flexible soft plastic that allows oxygen through and are extremely comfortable.

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Cairns grow with the big events

Cairns has always been a tourist destination, and one of Australia’s most popular tropical destinations. However it’s been a struggle over the past year with tough economic times worldwide as well as a super strong Australian dollar stifling visitor numbers.

There is however, a couple of events that could be the saviour for Cairns and may even shape the future of the city. Two events in particular are expected to bring in huge numbers to the city this year and long into the future.

The first event on the calendar is Chinese new year which occurs in February. This holiday is the biggest in the Chinese calendar and already, over 20,000 people are expected to visit Cairns during this 4 day holiday period. This number of visitors is expected to pour millions into the local economy.

The second event is the AFL and Rugby League matches. Both of which attract a large number of visitors.

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Niagra falls, a great place to visit

One of the most popular waterfalls in the world is the impressive Niagra Falls. The Niagra River is a part of the Great Lakes Basin which is a result of the Ice Age. 18,000 years ago, the Ice Age meant that ice 2 kilometers or more thick covered much of southern Ontario. As this ice melted, the huge quantities of water flowed down into the basins.

About 12,500 years ago, the Niagara Peninsula was then freed of ice which meant that the water started to flow down to eventually become the Niagara Falls.

The falls are on the Canadian and United States border and attracts over 12 million tourists per year. One fifth of the fresh water in the world is contained within the four great lakes in the area include Michigan, Superior, Huron and Erie.

At the bottom of Niagra Falls, the water flowing down travels at over 16 miles per hour.

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Exploring the city of Singapore

Singapore is a popular destination for tourists the world over. The city was founded as a British colony in 1819 and has since become independent and has thrived as a economic powerhouse with one of the busiest ports in the world.

The country itself is actually quite small with only around five million people in the city. The city is the second most densely populated city in the world behind Monaco. Although full of high rises and densely populated, the city has been able to maintain a beautiful natural environment with over 50% of it’s land covered by nature. There are also 4 nature reserves and over 50 major parks making it one of the most natural cities to live in in the world.

Singapore has a hot humid climate as it sits almost right on the equator.It has almost daily rain and may often have heavy rain showers.

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All about Zavvi Entertainment Group

One of the popular retail chains in the UK for a long time was entertainment group Zavvi. The company was in the United Kingdom and Ireland and was formally known as Virgin Megastores. The Virgin Megastore chain became Zavvi when it was purchased from the Virgin Group. The original Virgin store was opened in 1971 in Oxford street, London. The company expanded through the 80′s and 90′s and became the Virgin Megastore when it merged with Our Price.

When Zavvi was purchased from the Virgin Group, it became the largest independent entertainment group in the UK and had 125 stores trading under the Zavvi brand.

The company hit some hard times and was placed in administration in 2008. At this point, all the stores were closed down of which 19 were purchased by HMV. Their online store however, was purchased and kept alive by competitor, The Hut Group.

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